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A not-for-profit organization dedicated to  strengthening the relationship between the people of the United States and Israel by improving perceptions about Israel. Neither political nor sectarian organization, the AIFL mobilizes support for Israel through people-to-people exchange programs since 1971!  Learn more here



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#AIFLLawReview16 Week 1
Our #AIFLLawReview16 have been busy. Theyve visited the Holy Sites on the Sea of Galilee, the Nazareth Bar Association which included meeting with Dr. Mohammed Wattad and Justice Ruth Cohen & a Tour of the Church of the Annunciation and of Nazareth Market. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates.  #AIFLCommunity

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AIFL- This Week 10 Secrets about Israel- Israeli aid around the globe, M&A in space and more - enjoy!

This Week 10 Secrets about Israel- IL startup to teach Iranian kids, TLV to have LGBT programs in schools and more-

The AIFL- This Week 10 Secrets about Israel- Israeli Olympic Medal, $500 Million acquisition and more... Enjoy! -

@The_AIFL Chairman-The Presidential candidates should pledge to end UN’s onslaught against Israel -JPost… #StopUNbias

The AIFL- This Week 10 Secrets about Israel- Israeli M&As of 4.4- 40 billion USD, a celebrity dog and more…enjoy! -

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