Making friends for Israel since 1971, The America-Israel Friendship League (AIFL) is dedicated to strengthening the relationship between the people of the United States and Israel.The League’s founders included distinguished civic, political, business and religious leaders. They foresaw the critical need to develop American support for Israel at the grassroots, including people of all ages, faiths, ethnic backgrounds and political orientations. Today, the AIFL is actively engaged in the ongoing dialogue committed to defending Israel when it is unfairly criticized. Through People-to-People programs, policy statements, advocacy and collaboration with other like-minded organizations, the League resists the efforts of those who seek Israel’s destruction and offers Israel our support in its desire for freedom, democracy and the right to exist as a democratic Jewish State.

Our Youth Ambassador Student Exchange (YASE) program begins this effort with Israeli and American high school students ages 15 -18. During its 37 years of activity, YASE has cultivated a cadre of leaders in all segments of American and Israeli society.

AIFL Leadership Delegations to Israel are designed to foster peer-to-peer relationships. State Attorneys General, State Treasurers, School Superintendents, Christian Clergy, Harvard Law School students, State Legislators and business executives represent only a segment of the prominent Americans traveling to Israel with the League. Though elements of each itinerary are specialized to meet the interests and agenda of the delegation, there is always a common goal – helping both Americans and Israelis identify with and appreciate their shared democratic values.