Harvard Delegation with Ruby Shamir and Tali Koren March 19, 2015

The AIFL is committed to the vision of its founders who sought to promote a strong and enduring friendship between Americans and Israelis, the AIFL’s sole purpose is to make friends for the State of Israel through activities intended to improve the general perception of Israel and to help both Americans and Israelis identify and appreciate their shared commitment to democracy.

Our unique Data-Driven approach, especially designed to identify young Americans who represent the diversity of the United States, ensures that our distinctive people to-people programs are comprised of talented individuals who possess a significant potential for leadership and broad influence.

We implement our philosophy in four major strategies:

  1. Leadership Delegations– every year we send to Israel a variety of delegations comprised of American leaders; ranging from state attorney’s general, state treasurers, to school superintendents, Christian clergy, leading journalists and business executives to name a few. All participants are carefully selected based on our Data Driven approach. During their visit to Israel, they meet with Israel’s political and civic leaders, and are introduced to the country’s democracy.

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  1. Youth Ambassador Student Exchange (YASE) program – is the AIFL’s successful implementation of its unique approach. For almost 40 years we have exchanged youth delegations of leading high school students from Israel and the United States, establishing long-term friendships between the participants and their countries and creating a new influential generation of ambassadors for Israel.

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  1. Young Leadership Programs– the AIFL nurtures its future leadership by forming and maintaining relationships with a community of young committed professionals, Americans and Israelis from various fields of expertise, who share their passion for Israel and who believe in the mission of the League. The AIFL Young Professional Community generates value for both its members and for the State of Israel, by providing its participants direct access to a unique networking platform.

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  1. Unique Advocacy Approach– the AIFL is constantly providing its members with interesting and valuable information regarding Israel with an emphasis on issues beyond-the-conflict, in various platforms: weekly and quarterly newsletters, ongoing policy statements generated by our directors and by our involvement in efforts with likeminded organizations to resist those who seek Israel’s destruction, to name a few.

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Our History

aifl-historyOur impressive history is the key instrument for our current success and bright future!

In 1971 a remarkably distinguished group of American leaders led by Hon. Herbert Tenzer, founded the AIFL including: U.S. Vice President, Hubert H. Humphrey; Senators Henry “Scoop” Jackson and Nelson A. Rockefeller; A. Philip Randolph, Raymond M. Patt, and Herman Z. Quittman.

They were distinguished American civic, political, and religious leaders who foresaw that the critical need for preserving America’s best interests in the Middle East was to develop American support for Israel at the grassroots’ level, including people of all ages, faiths, ethnicities and political persuasions. AIFL’s founders saw in Israel, America’s likeness and greatness, and wanted to strengthen the historic allegiance between these two nations whose values were so similar.

In the spirit of its founders, the AIFL is actively educating and informing its Community members about the many threats confronting Israel and the US. As advocates for Israel, we work with representatives of the US and Israeli governments and others.