Articles by the Jerusalem Post

The following articles are written by Gol Kalev, Chairman of the America-Israel Friendship League think tank, and a National Board member of the America-Israel Friendship League.


The state of Zionsim:

120 Years Later: 3 days in Basel that changed the course of the Jewish nation

Following In Herzl’s Footsteps In Jerusalem

Rising Nationalism vs Globalization and How It Affects the Jews

Embassy in the Holy City?

The Arrival of the Datlaf


The New Aliya: Vacation Home Zionists

Celebration of Zionism in Shaarei Hesed 

The World has Not Learned the Lessons of the Holocaust 


Israel’s Soft-Power:

Zionsim and Wine – a love story

Mahanehe Yehuda takes central stage 

New Home for Jerusalem’s creative community

Jerusalem as a destination city


Legitimate Criticism vs. Israel-Bashing:

Wonder Woman’s Battle Against Incitement

Europe’s rendezvous with destiny

Europe’s Choice 

Europe’s anti-Israel sentiment

Europe’s Cultural Occupation

Strategic Summit in the City

2016 Election coverage:

Solid Support

Israel, National Security on mind of South Carolina Voters

The Jewish vote at a turningpoint

Israel is in the trenches with the United States

American Jews and the Ballot Box

Behind the scenes look at a post-debate spinroom

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