IDF Women in Specialized Units/Jobs

The militaries, in both the U.S. and Israel, seek out the best and the brightest recruits for all leadership positions, but have traditionally provided few opportunities to women who seek combat and operational positions. Recently, a number of women, in both countries, have started to break through the “glass ceiling” for such opportunities.

This webinar will explore challenges and successes, as seen and experienced through the journeys of women leaders in precedent setting roles and deployments.

The panel will be introduced by Orit Adato a former Lt. General with the IDF and moderated by Meredith Jacobs, the CEO of Jewish Women International and alumna of the AIFL Influential Women’s Delegation to Israel. Building on discussions from prior webinars in our ICON’s series, this webinar will explore:

  • Redefining the 21st Century battlefront and workforce needs;
  • Strengthening the military by adding core competencies;
  • Expanding and diversifying the recruitment pool for cadets; and
  • Leveraging generational attitudes about gender and diversity as an asset.

Streamed live from Israel and the United States, the program will feature:

Dr. Kyleanne Hunter
Ph.D., Ret.
USMC Cobra Pilot

Talya Lankri
Head of the Home Division
National Security Council

Dr. Yael Arbel

Cadet Olivia Cretella
CS-11 Squadron Commander


Orit Adato
Retired Lt. General
Israel Defense Forces


Meredith Jacobs
Jewish Women International

ICONS is a partnership of Jewish Women International (JWI) and the America-Israel Friendship League (AIFL). Conversations are hosted by Orit Adato, Retired Lt. General, Israel Defense Forces, and moderated by Meredith Jacobs, CEO of JWI , and alumna of the America-Israel Friendship League’s Influential Women Delegation.

Please share with your friends and family and register on Zoom or watch live on AIFL's Facebook page.


Oct 21,2020

12:00 pm -- 1:00 pm EST

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