New Frontiers in the Space Race

NASA and the Israel Space Agency have been collaborating for many years but have now reached a new stage of partnership where both public and private initiatives are planned and advanced. While the Space.IL project last year advanced Israel internationally as one of only four countries to reach the Lunar orbit, numerous commercial, educational, medical, environmental and technological initiatives are continuing to be developed. Israel continues to contribute valuable scientific and technological innovations for this global effort and is now preparing to send the second Israeli on a space mission.

This program will examine the importance of space collaboration between the two countries and the international space station from the perspective of the Chief Scientist of NASA and the head of International relations for the Israel Space Agency.

In addition, we will showcase several technology breakthroughs in the "New Space" industry from Israeli entrepreneurs in the fields of:
  • Remote Sensing
  • Micro-laboratories in space
  • Micro- satellite communications
  • Inspiring next generation students in STEM fields
Streamed live from Israel and the United States, the program will feature:

Greetings by:

Dr. Andy David
Director of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Technology
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel

Gil Pelleg
Senior Advisor on Strategy and International Cooperation
Israeli Space Agency

Dr. Jacob Cohen
Chief Scientist
NASA Ames Research Center

Daniel Rockberger

Kfir Damari
Serial Entrepreneur and Co-Founder

Dr. Yossi Yamin
New-Space Entrepreneur
Founder, SpacePharma SA

Lauren Guy
CTO & Founder
Utilis Corp.


Wayne L. Firestone
Executive Director
America-Israel Friendship League

Please share with your friends and family and register on Zoom or watch live on AIFL's Facebook page.


Dec 02,2020

12:00 pm -- 1:00 pm EST

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