Israeli Museum in the Rabin Center

Yitzhak Rabin, warrior; diplomat; champion of peace and democracy; head of state; family man. The story of Rabin is the story of Israel, from pre-independence through statehood, battling for its survival yet reaching out a hand in peace. The story of Rabin and the history of the development of the State and Israeli society are interwoven in a narrative that allow visitors to fully appreciate both.

Join us for a virtual tour of the Rabin Center, led by Udi Katz, Project Manager of the Center’s Student Programming, Education Division. The Center, located in Ramat Aviv, Israel, chronicles the life and death of Rabin in parallel to that of Israel. This tour will showcase these interconnected stories.

The tour will cover:
Early influences of Rabin and his career in the military
The struggles with the creation of the State of Israel and continuing security threats
Rabin’s rise to Prime Minster and championing of the Peace Process
The rise of radical opposition to the Peace Process and incitement to violence

Streamed live, the program will feature:

Udi Katz
Project Manager
Yitzhak Rabin Center


Dalia Rabin
Yitzhak Rabin Center

Wayne L Firestone
Executive Director
America-Israel Friendship League

Please share with your friends and family and register on Zoom or watch live on AIFL's Facebook page.


Nov 11,2020

12:00 pm -- 1:00 pm EST

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