b'AIFL NOW & BEYONDFor more than 50 years, the America-Israel Friendship League (AIFL) has been building and mobilizing grassroots support for Israel across the United States and strengthening the relationship between the two countries through people-to-people activities. We enhance bonds of friendship between the people of the United States and Israel by engaging and educating people of all ages, faiths, ethnic backgrounds and political orientations to better understand the common foundations of both countries, both of which are built upon principles of democracy, Partners for Democracy free speech, protection of individual rights and the quest for knowledge and innovation. \x1eese Awards Gala common bonds sustain deep and long-term friendships.In the past few years, AIFL has reimagined and revitalized our people-to-people activities through:Eric J. GertlerJonathan BarsadeWebinarsmore than 150 webinars to date, streamed twice a week, featuring Americans and ChairmanPresident Israelis and highlighting topics of interest that illustrate the commonality between the people Amb. Dan Gillerman of the two countries; Chairman, Israel Board of Directors Youth Exchange Platformcombining AIFLs various youth-based programs under a single platform, including Youth Ambassador Student Exchange (YASE), Youth Ambassador The Board of Directors Technology Exchange (YATE), BTweens and BTeens, all designed to bring together Israeli and American youth to create long-term bonds of friendship and partnership; Local Area Networkslive and virtual parlor meetings that connect various communities in Cordially Invite You the United States around a common interest such as art, faith, etc., all aiming to connect them to Israel and enhance their engagement with AIFL and our mission; Delegationsspecial, tailored study programs in Israel for United States-based professional Monday, November 7, 2022 associations, multi-faith groups and partner organizations. \x1eese were in abeyance this past year due to COVID travel restrictions.\x1fe Pierre HotelNew York CityAIFL is continuing the vision of our founders, who sought to promote a strong and enduring Reception and Dinner Buet 6 pm friendship and cooperative bond between Americans and Israelis by increasing Americans Dessert and Seated Program 7 pm understanding of the contemporary Israel storyits entrepreneurship, culture, medical research, agricultural technology, environmental protection initiatives and so much more. \x1eis is a story that expands beyond the traditional focus on geopolitical aairs and is unknown to most Business AttireRSVP Enclosed Americans. Broadening this lens enhances Americans understanding of Israel and Israelis, theties between the people of these two countries, and the bonds of long-term friendship and support for Israel.'