2017 Harvard Law School Delegation to Israel

By AIFL - Apr 5, 2017

This year the AIFL was a part of the 10th annual Harvard Jewish Law Students Association (HJLSA) Delegation to Israel, a ten-day delegation composed of 42 second and third-year Harvard Law School students. The group’s program in Israel allowed the students to become acquainted with the judicial system and political complexities that govern Israeli policy. The program emphasized Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish democracy within secure and recognized borders. The concept for the Harvard Law School Delegation was developed by AIFL Chairman Kenneth J. Bialkin and Harvard Law Professor, Alan Dershowitz, who introduced the AIFL to the HJLSA. According to Prof. Dershowitz, “Israel doesn’t need to issue propaganda; it needs open-minded visitors who can see for themselves and make up their own minds about the complexities of Israel’s situation … The Harvard Law School visits have been a ‘win-win-win.’ The students win, Israel wins and VERITAS – the truth – wins”.