2018 Influential Leading Women’s Delegation: May 26th to June 3rd

By AIFL - Aug 15, 2018

The America-Israel Friendship League in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent its second a delegation of 18 influential American women who are leaders in various areas of business, community activism, law, media, the arts . The group traveled to Israel with the AIFL and were guests at Mashav’s 30th International Women’s Conference. For most of the delegation it was their first visit. However, whether you were a first time or return visitor, this experience created opportunities for cooperation, new alliances and greater understanding for everyone. The program showcased Israel’s accomplishments in gender equality, the nation’s vibrant culture, diversity and vast contributions to the world in science, technology, medicine, environmental protection and art. In addition to visiting traditional historic and religious sites across the country, the women were briefed by military, municipal and national government officials. They met with the leadership at IGY (Israeli Gay Youth) the only professional organization in Israel dedicated to serving all LGBT youth. Toured Natal, Israel’s Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War. They visited the north of the country, toured of the holy sites on the Sea of Galilee and were hosted for dinner in the Druze village of Isfiya, by Amb. Bahij Mansour. The delegation experienced the historical, modern, religious and cultural aspects of the start up nation.