2018 National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)

By AIFL - Jun 6, 2018

The America-Israel Friendship League in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel and the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) assembled a legislative delegation which traveled to Israel from April 26th to May 3rd. The group was led by Senator Deb Peters (SD), NCSL President. The legislative study tour provided a unique opportunity for American state legislators to gain a greater appreciation for Israeli culture and customs while experiencing everyday life in Israel. Legislators gained a greater understanding of Israel's unique geopolitical position as the sole democracy in the Middle East while recognizing the value of advancements made by the startup nation in the fields of science and technology. The AIFL’s goal was to enable delegates to experience the shared modern democratic values that define both nations, explore the realities of the country, covering social, economic and political issues. During their exciting weeklong experience, the delegation met with government leaders such as Speaker of the Knesset (national legislature) , MK Yuli Edelstein. They visited historical sites like Yad Vashem, Masada and religious sites such as Capernaum and the Sea Of Galilee. They discussed common areas of interest cyber security, immigration and border control; water technology, resources and infrastructure; and alternative energy technologies. They heard from experts on social and political issues affecting both countries with Amb. Bahj Mansour, Special Envoy to Minorities in the Middle East, Yigal Unna, Director General, Israel National Cyber Director and Amb. David Roet of the North American Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs . Meetings with leaders of various industries and briefings with high-level national and municipal officials were also featured in their program .