By AIFL - Jul 21, 2015

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New York, N.Y., July 21, 2015 - The US Administration has released a torrent of documents intended to describe a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) for resolution of Iran's demands for the right to develop nuclear weapons.
The so-called "deal" reflected in the JCPOA and related documents, is not a legally-effective document and has no binding effect upon any party. In fact, the President is simply asking the American people to trust in the good faith and honesty of Iran to follow through with the JCPOA. The peculiar aspect of such a request can only be appreciated by realizing that Iran has a record of lying and failing to comply with the patterns of conduct demanded of responsible nations.
President Obama's justification for demanding approval of the JCPOA is his wrong assertion that there are only two choices: "approve the deal or expect a war." The President remarkably failed to consider the other obvious alternative which would be to reject the deal and reimpose the sanctions and other provisions designed to encourage Iran to comply with the demands of the US and P5+1. It is incomprehensible that the President does not recognize the strength and effectiveness of the sanctions and restrictions which have already been applied and which brought Iran to the table.
In truth, many important deals in commerce and finance do proceed on nonbinding agreements, but no experienced business person or nation would do so if they did not feel they could trust and rely on the honesty and integrity of their counterparty.
The President is asking the American people, in effect, to place Iran on probation and hope that it will fulfill the terms of its probation. But, in experience, probation is never granted unless the granting authority is satisfied that the convict has reformed in its ways, and is subject to immediate revocation of parole and resumption of control by the authorities. The President's demand is an affront to the American people, who are being requested to trust in Iran's epiphany and reform of the conduct it has demonstrated since before 1979, when it captured and imprisoned innocent Americans without cause. In making such an unfair request to the American people, the President has adopted a conception where there is no credible basis to support his dream.
President Obama is an aspirational speaker; he can weave a tapestry of eloquence and he can worship at the altar of hope, but he should not ask the American people to believe in his dream.
Kenneth J. Bialkin, Chairman of America-Israel Friendship League, commented "The hard facts are that the deal proffered by the President will relieve Iran of all the restraints which have operated in recent years and, in addition, place in Iran's hands hundreds of billions of dollars, an economic force which they are sure to put to use in furtherance of their demands for a caliphate and the support and conduct of worldwide Islamic Terrorism. The only proper course for the American people and the US Congress is to terminate all pursuit of any deal with Iran and urge Iran to rethink its plans."
The proposed deal advocated by the Administration and P5+1 nations would place the State of Israel in great danger as pointed out by Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and is strongly supported widely in Israel by the Israeli people and by other leading political figures in Israel. AIFL believes that Israel's concerns deserve the respect and support of the American people and AIFL urges all Americans to contact members of Congress and urge them to oppose any nuclear agreement with Iran. It is time for the American people to stand with our ally Israel in opposing a proposed deal which would greatly increase the threats and danger to the free world of permitting Iran to continue with its unrestrained support of worldwide Islamic terror.
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