Call for action to the United States’ Presidential Candidates

By AIFL - Aug 9, 2016

The AIFL, a non-for-profit, non-political organization of which I am Chairman, has long been concerned with the growing anti-Israel activity at the United Nations. Statements from the Secretary General, in addition to resolutions and reports issued through the UN’s various institutes and branches (as presented above), as well as in many official statements issued on behalf of several of its member states, show a blind disregard for anything positive concerning Israel. The AIFL expresses concern that the UN’s disproportionate condemnation and outright discrimination against Israel often reflects latent anti-Semitism. The United States’ friendship with Israel transcends political differences, and with the upcoming presidential elections, the AIFL will call upon the presidential candidates, of both parties, and publicly pledge that under their presidency:
  • The United States will seek to ensure that the UN will cease and desist any discriminatory actions against the only democracy in the Middle-East and the only Jewish State in the world.
  • The United States’ will decisively stand by the State of Israel in its continuous fight against those who seek to destroy the Jewish State at the UN and at its various institutions.
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