East Mississippi welcomes Israel Consul General

By AIFL - Oct 4, 2017

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Business, city and county leaders came together for a special meeting with Israel Consul General Lior Haiat.
A big working relationship displayed, not only for the state of Mississippi, but for the city of Meridian. State leaders and Israeli Counsel General Lior Haiat were welcomed to East Mississippi with open arms. “This is how relationships are built. This is how relationships are formed. We have a strong Jewish community here that has done so much for our city,” Mayor Percy Bland says. The importance of such a relationship has been felt in Kemper County. Emilia cosmetics coming to the county in a few years ago. An expansion announced just this year. “We’re excited that about the possibilities of Emilia growing in Kemper County and the opportunities for other Israeli companies throughout the state,” Kemper County Economic Development Authority Director Craig Hitt says. Representatives of Emilia were in attendance. Hitt describes the importance of meetings like this one. “It was a great opportunity for us to come and be a part of this event. It was great to meet the consulate general and see the governor in east Mississippi,” Hitt says. Mayor Bland says there were major preparations for this event. “There was a lot of confidential information to make today happen. The city, county and many on the state and federal level to make the event a success,” Bland says. With important people in town, security detail included much attention from Meridian Police Department working with state security teams and other local law enforcement. Consul General Lior Haiat’s visit to Meridian was very safe.