From Our Alumni

By AIFL - Aug 19, 2015

2015 Fall America-Israel Friendship League Update FROM OUR ALUMNI Aaron Hurvitz, AIFL Essay Contest 1998 "Two Nations. One Belief in Freedom" - American and Israeli Youth Discuss Common Values AaronMy trip to Israel in 1999 was my first time ever leaving the USA. I know that for some this may seem trivial, but considering I now travel over 200,000 miles internationally for business each year, my very first international trip still holds a dear place in my heart. The AIFL trip to Israel spurred my passion for international travel, and in turn I have developed a very successful career as an International Business Lawyer. Although China is my specialty and I spend a majority of my time there, I do make it to Israel several times a year. The entire AIFL organization has done so much for me professionally and personally. I think it's time I, and the other Alumni, start giving back. ... many years have passed and I have no doubt that everyone who has crossed paths with AIFL would be honored to continue carrying the flag." Nevo Brand - AIFL Southern Israel Basketball All Stars 2009 nevo"I think the AIFL is doing a great job creating different types of relations between Israel and the United States in the most practical and authentic way possible. I think the delegation was really effective as well. It was at the time of an Israeli military operation in the Gaza strip initiated as a response to rockets shooting into Israel. nevo2 We had the great opportunity to talk on the radio to the I have found myself in this position again just talking to people from all over the world while traveling for half a year in Asia, following my four and a half years in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) as an officer. hearts of a lot of American citizens and explain the reality through the eyes of 15-17 boys living in the south of Israel. I'm going to start to study in a special program which includes diplomacy and international relationship ..." Jon Bruning - Nebraska Attorney General (2003-2015) AIFL/National Attorneys General Leadership Delegation to Israel (2003, 2010) jonbruninMy AIFL trip to Israel kindled my passion for world affairs and international relations which ultimately expanded my worldview. The experience challenged me to grow personally and professionally, continuing to fuel my desire to run for higher office and found Bruning Law Group. jon bruning I ran for the U.S. Senate in part to be an active supporter of Israel in Washington. AIFL has been an immensely important organization in mypersonal and professional life. I want to ensure that the opportunities that were given to me are available for the next generation so we can work together for the future of Israel. It's important that I, and my fellow alumni, start giving back financially to ensure AIFL's continued success.