Members, Advisors & Methodology

By AIFL - Aug 10, 2016

Our Members: -Accomplished Leaders: Our members are experienced professionals from various fields such as Investment Banking, Private Equity, Law, Media, Fashion, Art, Philanthropy, Technology and others. -Transportability of Knowledge: Our members apply their experience and track record of success in their respective fields to issues related to Israel and the Jewish world. -Outside Perspective: Most of our members are not involved with Israel or Jewish related issues in their day-to-day vocation. Many of them are not Jewish. Our Think Tank is based outside of Israel in New York. Our outsider perspective allows us to contribute fresh thinking to the issues at hand. Our Advisors: -Topic Experience: Our Advisors include scholars, diplomats and others who have spent decades dealing hands-on with issues relating to Israel and the Jewish world. Given that our members background is in industry, our Advisory Committee serves as a valuable resource which provides expert knowledge and background on the issues. -Introductions: Our Advisors also facilitate introductions to other experts of topics that are explored, and at times bring in speakers to address the Think Tank members. -Position Paper Approval: The Advisory Committee has the responsibility for approving the position papers for publication. The Committee is consulted and updated along the writing process, and is provided with working drafts. While the papers are the opinion of the authors and not of the AIFL, the committee is tasked with making sure papers are of high standards and well-written. Our Methodology: -Topic Selection: The Think Tank members met during 2011 to go through various topics that were suggested. By the Fall of 2011, three topics were selected and working teams have been formed to explore them: The state of Zionism and its relationship with the Diaspora, Israel’s Soft-Power, and Legitimate Criticism of Israel vs. Israel Bashing. -Building Blocks: For each of the three topics, the intention is to issue a series of position papers that would build upon each other. Each paper would dive deeper and develop the issues at hand further. -Basis for Discussion: The papers are meant as a basis for discussion to be developed at the Think Tank. Once published, meetings and conference calls are held for discussion and debate. Such discussions help the authors plan and develop their next paper. -Members Reach: Just like with AIFL delegations, where delegates visiting Israel become better informed and can spread their experience to their respective communities, so is with the AIFL Think Tank. Our members who engage in Israel and Jewish related issues in the Think Tank, become better informed and are able to share their experience with their respective circles.