Summary of Inaugural Position Paper: 120 Years Later: A Look at the State of Zionism and the American Jewish Community

By AIFL - Aug 9, 2016

The AIFL inaugural position paper, published in August 2012, addresses Jewish continuity challenges in both sides of the ocean by suggesting a symbiotic mutual solution is possible. Acknowledging that previous glues that held the American Jewish community are fading, the paper suggests that Israel can become the new glue that binds and preserves the secular American Jewish community. It proposes that American Jews should let Israel take center-stage in their identity - replacing the dying Yiddish culture with the vibrant Israeli culture. For this to happen, Israel should make some changes with respect to its relations with the Diaspora, reversing previous Israeli themes of aggressively advocating Aliya or seeking rapid “Israelization” of new-comers.

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