Summary of the Position Paper: Zionism- a Successor to Rabbinical Judaism?

By AIFL - Aug 11, 2016

The paper suggests that Judaism is in the midst of a transformation whereby Israel is becoming the primary Jewish point of orientation. Such transformation is possible today given the strength of the array of Israeli products (High-tech, innovation, art, wine). As a result, there is a gradual De-Yiddishazation of American Jewish experience alongside cultural Israelization. Reversing the century-old attempt to reduce Judaism from a nation-religion to a religion, the paper argues that the ethnic re-nationalisation of Judaism is consistent with emerging cultural-pluralism trends in the United States. (For example, celebration of one’s Cuban or Mexican national identity, not just his or her Catholic religious identity). Under this template, Zionism would expand its role and become the architecture that binds world Judaism. To do so, it should be more pluralistic, embracing a wide range of relationships between Jews and the Jewish homeland. The paper further argues that the pending transformation is a religious one – an incorporation of Rabbinical Judaism (Judaism 2.0) under Zionism (Judaism 3.0), without compromising its customs, rituals or philosophies.

AIFL Think Tank Position Paper