Young Professionals workshop with Moty Cristal

By AIFL - Jun 29, 2016

What are the lessons learned from the 2000 Camp David failures? Can we build trust with the man who holds Gilad Shalit? Ending the siege of the Church of Nativity when you have no BATNA? How do you manage political ego in GOI coalition building? And how you increase your ZOPA when you privatize government infrastructure or deal with arrogant union leaders? All these questions and many more were addressed by Moty Cristal in an interactive workshop conducted for the AIFL Young Professionals on June 28th at WorkVille, New York. During the workshop, conducted with more than 60 AIFL Young professionals community members, Cristal drew a clear conceptual line between the high stakes negotiations he attended as civil servant and professional and business negotiations and offered a set of practical and operational tools which stand far beyond the conventional wisdom of negotiation theories. Moty Cristal, CEO of 0 Negotiation Strategies, NEST, is a leading member of the IDF negotiation team, and Israel's leading negotiation expert. The participants enjoyed great Israeli wine and food, provided by the AIFL Young Professionals partners- Bin70Wine and Pitopia and especially welcomed enjoyed the interpersonal connections and unique introductions made with each other throughout the event.