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50 Year Gala Celebration—and Counting

Considering or making plans to be in NYC on November 17th? We invite you to join us at The Plaza Hotel with Presidents Bush and Rivlin, the heads of NASDAQ and TASE and family members….

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New Mile High Friends of AIFL

Naomi Reinharz, Chief Development Officer of AIFL, was in Denver recently, meeting….

All That Jazz!

We were so excited to partner with Carnegie….

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Partners for Democracy Awards Gala

Every year, we look forward with great anticipation to the America-Israel Friendship League’s (AIFL) annual Partners for Democracy Awards Gala. Our excitement is at a peak this year, as we are celebrating AIFL’s….

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Sweet and Safe New Year

In our 50th Year, AIFL is looking forward to celebrating with friends, family and allies alike.

In good times and hard times we have grown together to better understand the value friendship….

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AIFL Parlor Meetings Resume around the Country! 

As we start to wind down to the end (“sof”) of summer, we are entitled to a little bit of kvelling (bragging) for Israel’s Olympic Golds, a little bit of appreciation….

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Midsummer Memories And Inspirations From Israel

Dear Friends,

History. Adventure. The future of Music. Dates that originated from Herod’s Fortress on….

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Updated Honorees at AIFL 50 Year Gala

AIFL Proud to Announce The following honorees


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Kenneth J. Bialkin Leadership Award Honorees Announced

We are pleased to share this year’s honorees for the Kenneth J. Bialkin….

Two Parlor Meetings in New York

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AIFL Proud to Announce The following honorees….


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Elbow Bumps in the Beltway and Presidential News

We had an exciting week indeed. After 16 months of virtual programs only, we returned to a mix of in person and virtual meetings….

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Presidential News From AIFL Save The Date

Stay Tuned About The More Exciting Announcements About The Kenneth J….. 

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May 30 Grilling & Smoking For A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

Lynda: “This program is Da Bomb! Can’t wait! Will probably watch it while glamping on our secluded balcony in downtown Toronto….

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Future Events

We have very much appreciated the outpouring of support and concern from so many of you during the recent period….

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AIFL Mourns Death of Israeli Student

As I am writing, many friends and colleagues throughout Israel are enduring another….

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Independence Day Concert

We were delighted to share a double dose of Israeli Independence with you this month….

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Spring Celebrations Launches and Awakenings

Spring is here, and so is AIFL—in a big way. You will see below the list of exciting….

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Wish a Happy Golden Birthday to AIFL

It has now been a year since all of our lives were turned upside down, Due to the global pandemic…..

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Happy Passover and a Joyous Easter !

This week we enter our collective Spring celebrations period, starting with Passover, continuing through Easter…..

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Expanding the IDF Leadership Pipeline

We know that for many, Spring and the Spring Holidays could not arrive too soon. We have covered some…..

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AIFL Highlights | AIFL Virtual Tour

Spring is in the air and the prospect of hope from expanding vaccinations – and better weather…..

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Virtual Tour @Kfar Nachum Sea of Galilee

We are excited to share this highlights reel from some of our recent webinars that have introduced….

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Digital Diplomats – Engaging the Next Generation after the Abraham Accords

Modern day diplomacy no longer takes….

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Get to Know Palestine High Tech.

We were thrilled that so many people could join us for our webinar Get to Know Palestinian….

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AIFL Membership Levels, Support Now!

With ten days left in 2020–a year like no other–we are aiming to close out the year with a 2020 AIFL….

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2020 Year End Highlights from AIFL

As we reach the finish line of this remarkably challenging year, we want to share a collection….

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Year End AIFL Chanukah Lights Appeal

For all of us, 2020 has been a year like no other, and the same is true at the America-Israel Friendship….

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Healthy Living/Healthy Lifestyle

It has been a busy and exciting period for us at AIFL and we want to share with everyone video links to….

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Highlights From Our Activities

It has been a busy and exciting period for us at AIFL and we want to share with everyone video links to….

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IDF Current Affairs Briefing

Please Join us for a briefing from….

A Movable Feast: Israel, American Evangelicals, and the Celebration of Sukkot

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COVID – Healthcare and Policy Making

COVID-19 has affected the entire….

AIFL Virtual Tour – This Month @Haifa & Nazareth

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Summer Sizzle Highlights From AIFL

Summer is starting to sizzle in more ways than one and we are happy to share this “sizzle reel“ of highlights from the last few webinars that took….

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AIFL Webinar Highlights and Coming Attractions

It has been an exciting few weeks with a wide range of webinars. Here are some of the latest highlights about water innovation Bethlehem recovery….

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Midsummer Greetings From AIFL

Summer continues to be different than any of us could have expected. Because many of us remain at home much of the times….

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Philharmonic Harmony – U.S. Independence Day

Add some sparkle to your Sunday with musical fireworks from the Israeli Philharmonic celebrating U.S. Independence….

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Father’s Day – Krav Maga  

Have you heard about the storied self-defense….

Contemporary Israeli Art:  Trends & Directions

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Jerusalem Day – A Virtual Tour of Jerusalem

In addition, this coming Sunday we are pleased to feature a new concert from the Israeli Opera. Then on Sunday, June 21….

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