The Youth Ambassador Student Exchange and Citizenship Through Sports Exchange are at the core of the AIFL’s future leadership delegations. The conferences, workshops and educational seminars within these programs provide the framework for enduring bi-national ties. Through these activities we change perceptions of high school students – our future leaders – changing lives and building a network of enduring support and understanding.

Dr. Charlotte K. Frank, AIFL Executive Committee Chair, with 2011 Youth Ambassador Exchange Students in front of the Capitol

Youth Ambassador Student Exchange (YASE) Program

AIFL is a leading innovator in education and cultural diversity. Since 1977, its Youth Ambassador Student Exchange (YASE) Program has given groups of American public high school students of diverse backgrounds, nationalities, religions and ethnicities the opportunity to participate in a one-month study exchange program between the U.S. and Israel.

YASE, the only formal bilateral public secondary school program, working in partnership with the Israel Youth Exchange Authority. The unique YASE experience helps students develop better awareness of the social, political and economic issues in both countries. YASE’s goal is to strengthen ties between the people of the U.S. and Israel. More than 5,000 American and Israeli high school students have enrolled in the program, both as participants and hosts.

Harley Lippman, former AIFL President and son, Adam (seated front), Tal Brody, Israeli Basketball Legend (2nd from left) and William Behrer (AIFL) far right with the 2009 AIFL Southern Israel All-Star Basketball team as guests of the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden



Building character and addressing school violence

The U.S.-Israel Citizenship Through Sports Exchange (CTSE) offers young American and Israeli student-athletes a valuable means of applying their background in sports by becoming active citizens.

Since 2000, CTSE has generated cross-cultural dialogue among American and Israeli student athletes. One of our most dynamic programs, CTSE encourages students to openly address the issues affecting their lives, communities and schools. CTSE has directly involved hundreds of American and Israeli high school student athletes, and has influenced hundreds more in their schools, communities and clubs.