In March 2020, AIFL launched a new campaign to provide deeds to our friends and bring joy to people’s lives in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Since most of the world is staying at home we have come up with unique ways to bring Israel to everyone's homes through virtual activities and donations.

Past Recipients of Friends-in-Deeds

  • The Campaign Against Hunger, 2010 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11233 - April 1, 2020
  • Concrete Jungle, Ariel Bowen United Methodist Memorial Church 384 Arthur St SW Atlanta 30308 - April 9, 2020
  • Evanston Hospital, IL, Mercy Hospital Respiratory Therapy - April 16, 2020
  • The Oscar Litwak Foundation, 19736 Anandale Drive, Tarzana, CA 91356 - April 20, 2020

Virtual Activities

Each week, AIFL is encouraging our friends to share photos and videos of their Israeli-inspired meals that our world class chefs have designed for people to cook at home and bring Israeli flavor to their kitchens. AIFL will also host virtual events that will bring our friends together through health and wellness classes, entertainment, and art projects to provide deeds to our friends and give them a break during the day.

Dishing Out Israeli Solidarity Webinar

Live Demonstration of Home-Cooked Israeli Dishes Brought to You from Kitchens Across Israel and the United States

Weekly Donations

Each week our friends can submit their local charity, food bank, or organization to receive a $500 donation of Israeli food, treats, and beverages on behalf of AIFL. Our goal is to provide a deed to local communities to lift people's spirits during this crisis.

Dishing Out Israeli Solidarity Recipes

Here are the three recipes from our "Dishing Out Israeli Solidarity" Webinar on March 29th, 2020!

Falafel Waffles
Chicago Master Chef Lamar Moore, who has been featured on the Food Network show, Chopped and Beat Bobby Flay

Fish Filet with Asian Sauce on a bed of Quinoa
Chef Golan Gurfinkel, Executive chef at the Dallal Restaurant and Dallal Group in Neve Tzedek, Tel-Aviv, Israel and who has been in the Israeli television version of Iron Chef, known as “Battle of the Knives.”

Sugared Grapefruit Peels
Ambassador Lironne Bar-Sade, a career diplomat with the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and an amateur home chef

Sunday Sun Salutations - Yoga from Mediterranean to Pacific Webinar

Join us for an hour of Sun Salutations and Shivasana Yoga streamed from Tel Aviv, Israel and Bridgeport, CT. Start the day by de-stressing with Yoga from the comfort of your home with new friends around Israel and the US.

US-Israel Bi-National Approach to Combatting Covid19 Webinar

Leading Medical Professionals & Researchers Share Insight from the Covid-19 Battleground

Upcoming Events

Oct 17

Virtual Tour This Month @Northern Israel Kibbutzim

Join us for a virtual tour of Northern Israel’s kibbutzim, in the eighteenth installment of our monthly Virtual Israel Travel

Oct 20

Ethiopian Jewry’s Journey to Integration- A Minnesotan Embrace

The miraculous rescue airlifts of Ethiopian Jews, Operations Joshua, Moses, and Solomon have been widely chronicled and celebrated over

Past Events

Oct 17 2021

Virtual Tour This Month @Northern Israel Kibbutzim

Join us for a virtual tour of Northern Israel’s kibbutzim, in the eighteenth installment of our monthly Virtual Israel Travel

Oct 13 2021

Inside Ben-Gurion: His Homes, Hobbies and Heritage

Who was David Ben-Gurion beyond the public figure? What was he reading and thinking at his desert home in

Oct 10 2021

The Israeli Film Industry--Rising and Animated!

Israel is often referred to as the Startup Nation, but with the support of The Jerusalem Film and Television

Oct 06 2021

New York’s Contemporary Art Tour-Traditional Modalities & Cutting-Edge Technology

Join us for the second installation of our Virtual Art Gallery Tour series as we continue a celebration of American

Oct 03 2021

Fall Pilates

Join us as the fall breezes approach and autumn leaves begin to turn for a “cooling” Pilates series led by

Sep 26 2021

Virtual Tour This Month @Eilat

Join us for a virtual tour of Eilat, in the seventeenth installment of our monthly Virtual Israel Travel series with

Sep 19 2021

The Art of Leftovers: A Gourmet Chef’s Colorful “Palate”

What do you get when you combine two Israeli master chefs and restaurateurs who live on different continents and happen

Sep 12 2021

Prepping To Perform—The Coming Maccabia

Inspired by the recent successes of Israeli athletes and other young people around the globe at the summer Olympics? Well

Sep 05 2021

Carnegie’s National Youth Orchestra (NYO): Introducing Jazz Legends Of Tomorrow

We mark the celebration of Labor Day weekend in the US with a special concert featuring American Jazz music

Sep 01 2021

The Peres Center: A Legacy of Innovation and Peacemaking

We invite you to join us as we delve into the legacy, and vision of Israel’s ninth President Shimon Peres

Aug 29 2021

Looking to the Future & Laying the Groundwork Today

With a government that is highly supportive of a high-tech economy, Israel’s startup ecosystem continues to grow and move

Aug 25 2021

Rebuilding Communities: Models Of Faith and Hope

If our collective experience regardless of where we live; has taught us anything during the last year and a half

Aug 22 2021

Identity & The Human Experience Through Contemporary Art

We invite you to join us as we rediscover the Boston-Haifa connection which is alive and well. Under the guidance

Aug 18 2021

Electrifying Combustion: Plasma Technology and the Transition to Renewable

Forget spark plugs, plasma-based ignition is the vision for the future. For as long as the internal combustion engine

Aug 15 2021

Relax and Rewind with a Throwback Tour: This Month @Akko

Rewind to the summer of 2020 and relax with a throwback virtual tour of Akko with Reuven Solomon, Master Tour

Aug 11 2021

Menachem Begin: Revolutionary Peacemaker

Join us with our friends at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center as we celebrate the legacy of the revolutionary, historic

Aug 08 2021

Dog Days of Summer: Israel’s Hebrew Speaking Guide Dogs

International Dog Day is celebrated around the world on August 26. In addition to many of us being part

Aug 04 2021

The International Appeal of the Israeli Art Scene

Established in 2000, the Alon Segev Gallery was the first minimalistic space dedicated to art. The Segev Gallery has exhibited

Aug 01 2021

Celebrate National Wellness Month with Pilates

August is National Wellness Month. Throughout this month we are focusing on self-care, stress management and promoting healthy routines, which

Jul 28 2021

Finding Balance and Healing at Sea

Trauma knows no boundaries and those impacted by it are as diverse as the coastlines washed by the ocean. Camaraderie

Jul 25 2021

AIFL Virtual Tour this Month @Arava

Join us for a virtual tour of The Arava, in the sixteenth installment of our monthly Virtual Israel Travel series

Jul 21 2021

Social Media Mavens

Over the past few years we have witnessed a global expansion of social media platforms and tools, created by younger

Jul 18 2021

Dreaming and Journeying to Zion: The Jews of Ethiopia

The story of the immigration of the Jews of Ethiopia to Israel is nothing short of miraculous. This month the

Jul 14 2021

Groundbreaking Treatments of Mood Disorders: Zuckerman Institute Science Series

The introduction of stem cell technologies as a treatment for various mood disorders (including mania and depression) has created a

Jul 11 2021

Summer Pilates

Fresh from a recent visit to New York, Becky Bank Srour of Tel Aviv will resume her popular Pilates series

Jul 07 2021

Second Chances: Strength Through Resilience and Healing Faith

Second chances are a gift. We generally don’t have to wait for a near death experience or the loss of

Jul 05 2021

A Celebration of Independence Through Artistic Expression

Join us as we end our Fourth of July celebrations with a curated world class celebration of American contemporary art

Jun 30 2021

Building Democracy on Sand – Israel at a Critical Juncture

Israel is a parliamentary democracy where no Prime Minister, or single party, has enjoyed a majority in the Knesset. The

Jun 27 2021

AIFL Virtual Tour @Tzippori & Horns of Hattin

Join us for a virtual tour of Tzippori & the Horns of Hattin, in the fifteenth installment of our monthly

Jun 23 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination: Vision, Policies and Lessons Learned in Israel and the United States

Israel's COVID-19 vaccination rollout was a dramatic success. The country's COVID-19 infection rate was initially one of the worst

Jun 20 2021

The Luckiest Guy in the World- An Intimate Conversation with Bob Abrams

Hon. Robert ‘Bob’ Abrams embodies the definition of ennobled public service. Through his recently released memoir, The Luckiest Guy in

Jun 16 2021

The Ambassadors Forum: A Diplomatic Review

Join us for a conversation with three prolific elder statesmen and diplomats who will enlighten those who want to understand

Jun 13 2021

Literary Snapshots from Jerusalem A Conversation with Deborah Harris & Yaniv Iczkovits

Join us for a conversation about contemporary Israeli literature through the lens of a top Israeli literary agent and one

Jun 09 2021

Birds Know No Boundaries: Has the Barn Owl Replaced the Dove of Peace?

Although spring is soon coming to an end, birds’ spring migration still in full force. Our program will focus on

Jun 06 2021

An Intimate Fireside Chat with Industry Icons: Dr. Yossi Vardi & Dita Bronicki

Join AIFL-Israel board member Dr. Yossi Vardi, as he hosts an intimate discussion with an Israeli pioneer of the alternative

Jun 02 2021

Rebirth-The Tower Of David Museum - A Window Into The Past, Present And Future of Jerusalem

You are invited to join us and our friends at the Tower of David Museum for an exclusive and unique

May 30 2021

Grilling & Smoking For A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

As we prepare to celebrate Memorial Day in the U.S. and honor military personnel who have died in the performance

May 26 2021

Cybersecurity: Critical Infrastructure – Trends and Threats, Strategies and Solutions

More Connectivity Means More Vulnerability:The new reality is that almost all critical infrastructures operate in a digital environment --as we

May 23 2021

AIFL Virtual Tour: This Month @Qumran & the Dead Sea Scrolls

Join us for a virtual tour of Qumran & the Dead Sea Scrolls, in the fourteenth installment of our monthly

May 20 2021

Special IDF Briefing

AIFL invites you to a special briefing with the IDF about the current hostilities emanating from Gaza based terror groups

May 19 2021

Growth in Crisis: Empowering Resilient Communities

Over the years the America-Israel Friendship League has enjoyed partnering with NGO’s that address a spectrum of needs. These needs

May 12 2021

U.S. Global Tech Companies In Israel – Why?

Israel’s branding as the "Start-Up Nation" is based on producing high-value companies, such as Waze, Wix, Flytrex, SodaStream and Mindspace

May 09 2021

East Meets West: Making Music for Mother’s Day

Celebrate Mother’s Day with music from the Jerusalem Orchestra East & West. This blended music program will include selections of

May 05 2021

Rebel Daughter—Time Traveling to 1st Century Rome/Jerusalem

Looking for a scintillating new summer read? We invite you to time travel with AIFL through the lens of Rebel

May 02 2021

Spring Pilates

Spring has sprung. Join us for the first of our new Pilates series led by Becky Bank Srour a Pilates

Apr 28 2021

Combating Domestic Violence Together

For some, sheltering at home during the pandemic exposed the threats at home, that exist for many but are often

Apr 25 2021

The Evolution of Education in the Age of COVID-19 and Beyond

The Corona Virus pandemic has revised and rewritten the syllabus for the 2020-2021 academic year and perhaps beyond. Across

Apr 21 2021

Experimental Biology of Aging: Zuckerman Institute Science Series

As we grow older, we are more likely to be diagnosed with one or more chronic ailments. These ailments

Apr 18 2021

AIFL Virtual Tour: This Month @Upper Galilee

Join us for a virtual tour of Upper Galilee, in the thirteenth of our monthly Virtual Israel Travel series with

Apr 15 2021

Independence Celebration Concert With The Israeli Opera

In celebration of Israel’s 73rd Independence Day, please join us for an online concert streamed from Israel to your home

Apr 11 2021

Independence Through the Lens of The Yitzhak Rabin Center

Get into the spirit of Israel’s Independence Day celebration with another visit to The Yitzhak Rabin Center in Ramat Aviv

Apr 07 2021

2021-04-07 Yom HaShoah Film Screening and Panel Discussion

Join us as we commemorate Yom HaShoah with our esteemed panel led by Executive Producer, Nancy Spielberg and Director

Mar 31 2021

Connecting our Springtime Holy Days: A New England Celebration

Over the last year our world has collectively prayed for redemption from a pandemic that almost seemed to overpower

Mar 24 2021


Connecting Israel, Jewish & Global Communities

Israel's foreign policy and the Global Jewish Community have been intertwined since before the State of Israel was first established

Mar 21 2021

Expanding the IDF Leadership Pipeline

Drawing from the growing interest of many diverse communities in Israel, the IDF has created a more robust leadership pipeline

Mar 17 2021


Here Comes the Sun: Israel’s March Towards Climate Innovation

Climate is “hot”. Are you aware that prior to the pandemic, Israel’s Arava region achieved 100% sourcing of daytime energy

Mar 14 2021


AIFL Virtual Tour: This Month @Ashdod & Ashkelon

Join us for a virtual tour of Ashdod and Ashkelon, in the twelfth of our monthly Virtual Israel Travel series

Mar 10 2021


Jerusalem: An Art Lab of Connectivity

Over the past decade, a group of artists from east and west Jerusalem have reimagined the city as not merely

Mar 07 2021


NCSL WLN – The Climb: Women and the Legislative Ladder

The United States and Israel have a common opportunity and challenge to advance women into legislative leadership positions today. The

Mar 03 2021


The Lusia Milch Story: A Gift of History

The legacy, and lessons, of a generation of eyewitnesses to the mass destruction of European Jewish life, have been enriched

Feb 28 2021


Creativity Reborn: ANU the Museum of the Jewish People

You are invited to a sneak preview of the unveiling of ANU, the Museum of the Jewish People, guided

Feb 24 2021


Faith, Hope and Charity: Inspirations from the Bay Area

This webinar brings together teachers and leaders from the diverse San Francisco Bay Area who will share insights, inspirations and

Feb 21 2021


AIFL Virtual Tour: This Month @Kfar Nachum Sea of Galilee

Join us for a virtual tour of Kfar Nachum on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee, in the

Feb 17 2021


Leading Israeli-Arab Women

Israeli-Arab women have emerged to fill positions of leadership in Israeli society. Yet many challenges remain in shaping new priorities

Feb 14 2021


Chocolates and Treats...for your Sweet!

It is not just on Valentine’s Day that one enjoys exchanging a gift of sweets with their sweet, but

Feb 10 2021


Above & Beyond: The Unique Stories of Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel

Since its establishment in 1991, Schneider Children's Medical Center has revolutionized the practice of pediatric medicine in the country

Feb 07 2021


Accessible Together: Scaling the Highest Mountains

Imagine yourself climbing one of the tallest mountains in the world like Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Now imagine doing

Feb 03 2021


Digital Diplomats For The Abraham Accords – Engaging The Next Generation

Modern day diplomacy no longer takes place in person behind closed doors. Rather, online platforms have ever increasingly allowed

Jan 31 2021


MASHAV – Promoting Innovation in Africa

Israel has a storied history of helping people around the world embodied in MASHAV, Israel’s Agency for International Development

Jan 27 2021


Disability Accessibility & Advocacy Webinar

Creating better accessibility for all of our citizens has always been a challenge. With the mass move to online communications

Jan 24 2021


AIFL's Virtual Tour - This Month @Golan Heights

Join us for a virtual tour of the Golan Heights, bordered by the Yarmouk River in the south, the Sea

Jan 17 2021


American Football in the Holy Land

It’s playoff time for American football in the U.S., but football fans around the world will also be tuning in

Jan 13 2021


Advancing Women In Sports

Israeli and American women continue to excel in individual sports competitions at the national and international levels. In addition

Jan 10 2021


Inclusive Design: Innovative Movements for Well-Being and Rehabilitation

Developments in technology and design are creating new tools and redefining opportunities for people who experience barriers at birth or

Jan 06 2021


Get to Know Palestinian High Tech

“A rising tide will lift all boats” What may be one of the best kept secrets in the Middle East

Jan 03 2021


Krav Maga - New Moves for the New Year

2020 was a tough year but we are ready for 2021! Join AIFL as we host an active Krav Maga

Dec 27 2020


Vertigo Dance: Art. Human. Nature.

Rising from the fear and desolation of pandemic stricken Jerusalem streets, Vertigo Dance Company shares its inspiring performance "Birth of

Dec 20 2020


AIFL Virtual Tour: This Month @Tel Maresha

Join us for a virtual tour of Tel Maresha, located in the Shephelah region of Israel, within the foothills of

Dec 16 2020


MultiFaith & Winter: Bringing the Light

Cultures around the world have long held feasts and celebrated holidays around the winter solstice. Fire and light are

Dec 13 2020


Setting the Holiday Table: A Recipe for Giving

This winter holiday season around the world presents new challenges for food insecure communities. In Israel and the U.S., community-based

Dec 09 2020


A Song of Peace: Begin’s Vision and Egypt Today

The 1979 Peace Treaty, brokered by the United States, between Egypt and Israel is one of the hallmark foreign policy

Dec 06 2020


Winter Pilates

Are you starting to feel cabin fever? We have the perfect antidote. Join us for a Pilates session that will

Dec 02 2020


New Frontiers in the Space Race

NASA and the Israel Space Agency have been collaborating for many years but have now reached a new stage

Nov 29 2020


AIFL's Virtual Tour - This Month @Beersheva

Join us for a virtual tour of Beersheba (or Be’er Sheva), the largest city in the Negev desert in the

Nov 25 2020


Multifaith and Gratitude: How Do We Give Thanks?

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving in America, there is no better time to explore what different faith and

Nov 22 2020


Founding Father: A Biographical Trilogy of Chaim Weizmann

Who was Dr. Chaim Weizmann? Professor Jehuda Reinharz and his co-author, Professor Motti Golani, have just completed the third book

Nov 18 2020


Gaps and Gains in Women’s Healthcare

While all men and women are created equal that does not mean their health needs are the same. For

Nov 15 2020


Israeli “Fish and Dips”

Meet Chef Nir Zook, an award-winning Israeli chef who has owned multiple restaurants, authored several cookbooks and starred in

Nov 11 2020


Israeli Museum in the Rabin Center

Yitzhak Rabin, warrior; diplomat; champion of peace and democracy; head of state; family man. The story of Rabin is

Nov 08 2020


Continue Celebrating with the Israel Philharmonic

Joining us once again is the Israel Philharmonic, with a performance conducted by their new Music Director, Lahav Shani

Nov 01 2020


Just Desserts

Rugelach, Challah & Bagels – Oh my! Join AIFL along with home-based passionate baker and blogger, Keren Agam of

Oct 28 2020


Faith and Mental Health: How Are We Coping?

COVID-19 has challenged us to our core. Fear. Loneliness. Helplessness. These are just a few of the mental health

Oct 25 2020


AIFL's Virtual Tour - This Month @Tel Aviv and Jaffa

Join us for a virtual tour of Tel Aviv and Jaffa in the seventh of our monthly Virtual Israel Travel

Oct 21 2020


IDF Women in Specialized Units/Jobs

The militaries, in both the U.S. and Israel, seek out the best and the brightest recruits for all leadership

Oct 18 2020


Healthy Living/Healthy Lifestyle

Feeling a bit sluggish lately? With the restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic we are all finding a few extra

Oct 14 2020


California Fires, Battling Them Together

Firefighting embodies the strong alliance between these two countries. When facing a crisis, firefighters in each of the countries

Oct 07 2020


Albert Einstein – Transcending Time Revealing His Archives for the Next Generations

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” -- Albert EinsteinWhy is Einstein so alive today? If it

Sep 30 2020


A Movable Feast: Israel, American Evangelicals, and the Celebration of Sukkot

In the last 40 years, Sukkot, also known as the Feast of Tabernacles, has become a time when thousands

Sep 23 2020


Celebrate the New Year with the Israeli Opera

Join us for another online concert from the Israeli Opera, streamed straight to the comfort of your home in celebration

Sep 16 2020


IDF Current Affairs Briefing

Please join us for a briefing from Lt. Colonel Jonathan Conricus, Head of the International Media Branch of the Israel

Sep 13 2020


Medical Cannabis: Healing from the Fringes to the Essential

As the medical industry strives to advance the science related to medical cannabis, they also have to educate regulators, and

Sep 09 2020


AIFL's Virtual Tour This Month @Haifa and Nazareth

Join us for a virtual tour of Haifa and Nazareth in the sixth of our monthly Virtual Israel Travel series

Sep 06 2020


On and Off the Court - Israel’s Basketball Legends

Tired of sitting on the bench and staring at virtual basketball fans? Join us courtside for an assemblage of the

Sep 02 2020


Covid-19: Balancing Healthcare and Economic Policy Interests

COVID-19 has affected the entire world and every country is reeling from fast paced decisions that were made in the

Aug 30 2020


Zoomba Zumba

Sunday “Zoomba” - Live Zumba Session from New Jersey & Tel Aviv Join AIFL once again to get your energy

Aug 26 2020


Women Ascending the Ranks in Today’s Military

Third in our ICONS series with Jewish Women International (JWI), we introduce three accomplished women leaders whose paths to success

Aug 23 2020


Glove Story: A Modern Dance Performance

Join us for a viewing of Glove Story followed by a Q&A session with Dana Ruttenberg, Artistic Director and Choreographer

Aug 19 2020


Picture of His Life: Capturing a Photographer’s Nature

What happens when a documentary filmmaker focuses his lens on a world-renowned nature photographer, who has traveled the world to

Aug 16 2020


Vineyard Voyages – A Journey Through Wine Regions

Ready to sharpen your wine palate? Join us for a virtual voyage through vineyards from California to Arizona to Israel

Aug 12 2020


Craft & Design Museum

The Musa Eretz Israel Museum Tel Aviv is pleased to present the Crafts and Design Biennale 2020. For the first

Aug 09 2020


AIFL's Virtual Tour - This month @Akko

Join us for a virtual tour of Akko in the fifth of our monthly Virtual Israel Travel series with Reuven

Aug 05 2020


Israeli Bats & Stats

Tired of just sitting in the dugout this season? Join AIFL’s first in a series of sports-focused webinars. With the

Aug 02 2020


Yoga, Encore

Please join us for Sunday Sun Salutations from Israel and the U.S. Start the week by de-stressing with yoga from

Jul 29 2020


IDF Briefing: The IDF’s Role in the Battle Against Covid-19

Please join us for a briefing from the Head of the Israel Defense Forces - Public Diplomacy Office, Major Liad

Jul 26 2020


Dueling Delis

Can an Israeli audience help decide whether the pastrami is leaner in Los Angeles or Chicago? Would it be of

Jul 22 2020


Let There Be Water

The United States government predicts that 40 of our 50 states-and 60% of the earth's land surface-will soon face alarming

Jul 19 2020


Off Broadway! On HaMasger! Theater Shorts

Missing a matinee at the theatre? Let us entertain you. Enjoy Israel’s first and only professional English theatre, Center

Jul 15 2020


Challenges and Hopes in Post-Covid Bethlehem

One of the most desired first time tourist destinations in Israel is Bethlehem, which has now experienced the ripple effects

Jul 12 2020


AIFL's Virtual Tour Galilee

Join us for a virtual tour of Galilee, in the fourth of our monthly Virtual Israel Travel series with Reuven

Jul 08 2020


JWI Micro-Enterprises

Join us for the second webinar in our Icons series, in partnership with Jewish Women International, to meet three remarkable

Jul 01 2020


Israel’s Financial Markets Post Covid-19: Trends and What to Expect

Over the past decade, Israel has been one of the best-performing economies in the developed world. Prior to the

Jun 28 2020


Shahar’s Lens: A Photo Journal of Hope

New York and Israel – they share stories of crisis, adversity and resilience. Shahar Azran, an Israel- and New York

Jun 24 2020


Contemporary Israeli Art Trends & Directions

What are the main directions and trends in contemporary Israeli art?How does it negotiate modernist values and local traditions, the

Jun 21 2020


Father’s Day Krav Maga

Have you heard about the storied self-defense technique hailing from Israel? Or are you just looking for something novel to

Jun 17 2020


Creative Community Leadership During the Covid-19 Crisis

Covid-19 is unique in many ways. Beyond the medical challenges, it has forced us to address unprecedented assaults on

Jun 14 2020


AIFL’s Virtual Tour – This Month @Masada

Join us for a virtual tour of Masada, in the third of our monthly Virtual Israel Travel series with Reuven

Jun 10 2020


Entrepreneurial Community Outreach at a Time of Crisis

Covid-19 is unique. Not only is it leading to groundbreaking medical innovations but it has also created an unprecedented sense

Jun 07 2020


Israeli Melodies Encore

In celebration of Shavu'ot and the start of summer, please join us for another popular online concert from the Israeli

Jun 03 2020


Women Leaders Pivoting Their Organizations Under Pandemic

There are interests and issues that connect women — no matter where in the world we live.ICONS, a dynamic new

May 31 2020



Join us to help you stay active and start the week with a restorative Pilates class, co-instructed by Becky Bank

May 24 2020


City of Gold—Jerusalem Day Virtual Tour

Join us for a virtual tour of Jerusalem, in this second of our monthly Virtual Israel Travel series with Reuven

May 20 2020


A Tale of Two Artists (Rubin & Gutman) and One City (Tel-Aviv)

Learn about historical Tel Aviv as seen through the lens of two of Israel's prominent artists, Nachum Gutman and Reuven

May 17 2020


Empowerment By Fashion

'Fashion-Nation' was used to describe Israel many years before it became known as ‘Start-Up Nation.’ Fashion-Nation taught us how to

May 13 2020


Covid-19: The Race to Medication & Vaccination

In Partnership With: At this time of the Covid-19 crisis, the question many are asking is what is the way

May 10 2020


Mother's Day Culinary Throwdown Webinar

Grab your mom, jump online, and join us for a special Mother’s Day Culinary Throwdown webinar, streamed live from kitchens

May 06 2020


Climbing God’s Mountains:Building bonds between Israel, the Jewish People and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Jewish community have for more than a decade

May 04 2020


Herzl Birthday Event

Theodore Herzl the visionary of the State of Israel is turning 160. Yet, his ideas and thoughts bring him to

May 03 2020


Beit Café with the Israeli Artists Project

Join us for a live coffee house, with Israeli musicians and performing artists in Brooklyn, New York and Israel. Presenting

Apr 29 2020


Singing Independence With the Israeli Opera

In celebration of Israel’s 72nd Independence Day, please join us for an online concert streamed straight to the comfort

Apr 26 2020


Caesarea: A Virtual Tour of Herod’s Masterpiece by the Sea

Ranked in the top ten spots in the world to visit by the NY Times Travel Section, master tour guide

Apr 19 2020


Sunday Zoom-Ba

Sunday “Zoom-BA” - Live Zumba Session from New York & Tel Aviv Join us to help shed some of the

Apr 13 2020


From Contempt to Comrades: Tracing the Amazing Transformation of Catholic-Jewish Relations

Jews and Christians this year are celebrating their respective sacred springtime holy days of Passover and Easter in the midst

Apr 12 2020


A Musical Interlude with Todd Kessler & Shimon Smith

Full house with kids this Sunday? We have the perfect distraction in the form of music. A live family friendly

Apr 07 2020


United States - Israel Bi-National Approach to Combating Covid-19

Panelists from Israel and the U.S. will discuss: What is happening in the medical centersHow are the medical centers preparing

Apr 05 2020


Live Demonstration with Yoga Instructors from Israel and the United States

Please join us for a Sunday of Sun Salutations and Shivasana Yoga streamed live from Tel Aviv, Israel and Bridgeport

Mar 29 2020

Facebook Live and Zoom

Dishing Out Israeli Solidarity

Live Demonstration of Home-Cooked Israeli Dishes Brought to You from Kitchens Across Israel and the United States Join us this

Sep 27 2019
Jul 30 2019


TLV Webinar