A Firechat & Book Review Judaism 3.0

Join us for a fireside chat and provocative discussion with AIFL board member Gol Kalev. Gol’s new book Judaism 3.0: Judaism’s Transformation to Zionism is triggering a new conversation.
In his book, he asserts Judaism is going through a historic transformation just as it did 2,000 years ago. Zionism, the national aspect of the Jewish nation-religion is becoming its organizing principle.

Kalev delves into analysis of long-term trends in Israel and in North America, collectively home to 85% of today’s Jewry. He argues that the transformation to Judaism 3.0 is not just a function of intra-Jewish trends, but also of global trends. He ties his observations to the original vision of Theodor Herzl, founder of modern-day Zionism, who, he explains, planted the seed for the transformation of Judaism.

During our conversation, Gol will address:
Is there a shift in global consciousness on the essence of Judaism?
Is there a global philosophical divide in the 21st Century between Americanism vs Europeanism?
Why does criticism of Israel confirm his central thesis?
How does Judaism 3.0 address contemporary Jewish realities such as intermarriage?
What are the consequences of Judaism 3.0, in countering Israel-bashing?

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