SAVE THE DATE | Partners For Democracy Awards Gala | November 7, 2022

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What’s Happening?


An IDF Briefing – Multi-Arena General Strategic Assessment

Israel is facing today threats from multiple, new, and non-traditional fronts, many of which do not include a physical border with the state. These include non-state para-military organizations, sub-terranean infrastructure, cyber-threats and looming nuclear threats.

Join us for a briefing that evaluates current plans to build and increase the Israel Defense Forces’ ability to defend against these different fronts.

During this briefing we will learn about:

Potential threats and challenges that the IDF encounters
The means used by the IDF while facing the challenges and threats
The actions and means of terrorist organizations

Streamed live, the program will feature:

Lt. Col. Amnon Shefler


Naomi Reinharz
Chief Development Officer
America-Israel Friendship League

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Jun 01 @ 12:00 EST


2022 YOUTH AMBASSADOR STUDENT EXCHANGE (YASE) – October 25th – November 22nd


The Youth Ambassador Student Exchange (YASE) program is the AIFL’s flagship educational program. Since 1977 the AIFL has conducted this formal binational educational exchange program in partnership with the Israel Youth Exchange Authority (IYEA, formerly known as the Public Council for the Exchange of Youth and Young Adults).

To date, over 5,000, predominantly non-Jewish, American high school students and their families have participated in this month-long exchange program where they gain the experience of living in each other’s country and home.

Each program is conducted around a current international theme (this year, TBD).

PROGRAM DATES: October 25th – November 22nd

Israeli Delegations arrive in the US October 25th

US Home Hospitality – October 25th to November 1st Tours/Lectures etc. Washington DC & NYC – November 1st – 7th

  • November 1st – 4th – Washington, DC
  • November 4th – 7th – New York

Israeli and American Delegations travel and arrive in Israel – November 8th

Tours/Lectures, etc. Jerusalem & Tel Aviv November 8th 14th

  • November 8th – 10th – Tel Aviv
  • November 10th – 14th – Jerusalem Home Hospitality – November 14th –21st

American Delegations Return to the US November 22nd

Oct 25 @ 6:20 EST