AIFL’s 2023 Evening of Friendship and Solidarity Journal | VISIT

eAIFL Webinars

Streamed twice a week, with more than 160 webinars to date, featuring Americans and Israelis, and highlighting topics of interest that illustrate the commonality between the people of the two countries.

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Youth Exchange Platforms

AIFL’s various youth-based programs, including our Youth Ambassador Student Exchange (YASE) and Youth Ambassador Technology Exchange (YATE), are all designed to bring together Israeli and American children and young adults to create long-term bonds of friendship.

Stakeholder Engagement

AIFL organizes activities in scores of local communities across the country that are interested in exploring and deepening their ties to Israel.  We are moving forward with a combination of virtual, in-person and hybrid gatherings.

Delegations to Israel

Each year, AIFL sends a variety of leadership delegations to Israel to promote professional networking, educational opportunities and cultural exchange, furthering our goal of developing mutual understanding between the people of the United States and Israel.

Special Projects

AIFL creates annual events, as well as intermittent pop up events, to showcase the best of Israel that appeal to an array of audiences.

On-Campus Activity

AIFL supports on-campus activity, including initiating and creating networking activities for students and faculty to create better understanding of, and familiarity with, Israel.

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