AIFL Board Picture

AIFL sends delegations to Israel to meet with their Israeli counterparts and visit religious, cultural and archeological sites. These delegations include State Attorney’s General, business leaders, scholars, third year law school students, school superintendents, professors of law and Middle Eastern studies.

Our efforts go beyond delegation exchange. We educate and inform our constituents about the many threats confronting Israel and the US. As advocates for Israel, we work with representatives of the US, the Israeli government and others. In recent years we have developed relationships with Christian and Muslim groups who join us in our missions and endeavors.

NYSE Celebrates Annual Israel Day at the Exchange Since 2005, The New York Stock Exchange has designated the day of our annual dinner as Israel Day at NYSE and hosts meetings and conferences about important issues relating to Israel’s remarkable economic growth and development.

Our Partners for Democracy Awards Dinner Gala recognizes and celebrates the many wonderful contributions made by Americans and Israelis towards the advancement of peace and understanding, the strengthening of relations and bonds, and the enhancement of mutual respect between our democracies and citizens.