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The America-Israel Friendship League is a non-sectarian not-for-profit organization committed to strengthening ties between the people of the United States and Israel, bridging distances to reveal the beauty, humanity, and democratic values that define both nations.

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    Edition #April 2023 Edition | 04/28/23

    Friends of Israel Newsletter – April Edition

    This past week – Israel celebrating its 75th birthday, its Independence Day – is one of those time periods in the year that make Israel so unique. But unique for Israel is not only the sound of people in the streets, parties, music, fly-bys and float-bys, the smell of bar-b-ques and the various events. It is not just the sound of celebration but what we experience the day before. This celebration is preceded by the sounds of silence, the sound of a nation remembering and mourning those who sacrificed their lives to enable their families and friends to follow with the celebration of life. The sounding of air raid sirens, a symbol of memory during Yom Hazikaron, where a whole nation stops what it may be doing, wherever it may be doing it, so everyone can stand in silence, together, to remember. Only after that moment of memory can a nation transition to Yom Ha’Atzmaut, from memorial to celebration.

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    Edition #March 2023 Edition | 03/31/23

    Friends of Israel Newsletter – March Edition

    Welcome to our March 2023 edition of the Friends of Israel monthly newsletter. We cannot transition into this newsletter without commenting on what has been transpiring in Israel these last few months, culminating in mass demonstrations this last weekend.


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      Our trip to Israel was transformative, life-changing, empowering, enlightening, and rejuvenating. I am eternally grateful for this experience that pivoted my mindset to an elevated sense of purpose and mission… I was with the group that I am inspired by the most: powerful women!

      President & CEO, Nation Waste, Inc.

      This was the most inspiring program. I laughed and cried. On every turn I am proud to be part of the Jewish world…Wonderful participants. Happy New Year. Kol Hacavod (all honor to you).

      responding to ‘The Coming Maccabiah’

      Thanks for the virtual visit. I was supposed to be there in Jan. 2020 and for business reasons we decided to ‘postpone’ it by a few months. That was a year and a half ago with no hope of getting there. I look forward to viewing the video again and again…

      responding to ‘Eilat Virtual Tour’

      As a life-long supporter of Israel who has many Sabra friends in the country, I have been following as many of the AIFL webinars as I am able, after being told about the organization by a friend.


      We have cancelled our student exchange trip to Israel 2 years in a row now. I have sent a link to one of the AIFL Virtual Tour videos to my group…Thank you for all you do!


      Watching the sunset over the Kineret from Ramat HaGolan as I write and call my Mother and Father back in New York! The live and recorded webinar are bringing in many, many beautiful messages to our emails, WhatsApps, Facebook pages, and of course, in person. Even paddlers in Eyal’s SurfSki Israel can’t believe the meaning and beauty of the program.

      responding to ‘Healing through the Mediterranean Sea’

      You do a FABULOUS job with the AIFL webinars! Corona opened a new world of Zoom webinars to many of us. I have to admit I was reluctant to participate in zoom lectures, webinars, presentations, yet words can’t describe how much my world has been enriched thanks to it! So many activities I would have never even considered – at my fingertips!

      responding to ‘Cybersecurity: Critical Infrastructure – Trends and Threats, Strategies and Solutions’

      Awesome experience. I pray for peace in Israel.

      responding to ‘Rebirth – The Tower Of David Museum – A Window Into The Past, Present And Future of Jerusalem’

      This program is Da Bomb! Can’t wait! Will probably watch it while glamping on our secluded balcony in downtown Toronto with our bbq…and an iPad!

      responding to ‘Grilling & Smoking For A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend’

      This is so thrilling. It makes me cry tears of happiness.

      responding to ‘Birds Know No Boundaries: Has the Barn Owl Replaced the Dove of Peace?’

      What a wonderful program. Thank you for your dedication to these projects.


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