12:00 pm
Experimental Biology of Aging: Zuckerman Institute Science Series

As we grow older, we are more likely to be diagnosed with one or more chronic ailments. These ailments rob us of our quality of life. Science seeks to understand the genetic, molecular, and cellular mechanisms that make aging a major risk factor and driver of common chronic conditions and diseases of older people. The goal of science remains focused on discovering the basic biology at the intersection of aging, chronic disease, frailty, and resilience. By studying what happens during the aging process of different species, investigators hope to discover similarities and differences between these conditions as they relate to aging. Join our scientific panel, a Zuckerman Faculty Scholar from Israel and his U.S. based colleague and fellow researcher as part of our new series in cooperation with the Zuckerman Institute which explores the impact of science and technology on our everyday lives. These experts will discuss: How the aging process affects disease progression and susceptibility;How the African Turquoise Killifish, the model organism can be used to screen for genes and drugs, that slow or reverse aging and age-related diseases.How their collaboration which began during their postdoctoral studies continues today in their respective laboratories Streamed live, the program will feature: Dr. Bérénice A. BenayounAssistant Professor of Gerontology and Biological SciencesUniversity of Southern California Itamar Harel, PhDAssistant Professor in GeneticsHebrew University of Jerusalem Greetings: Ruby ShamirExecutive DirectorAmerica-Israel Friendship League (Israel) Wayne FirestoneExecutive DirectorAmerica-Israel Friendship League Please share with your friends and family and register on Zoom or watch live on AIFL's Facebook page.