Democracy Awards Gala

Partners for Democracy Awards

November 7, 2022

The Pierre Hotel · New York City

the 2022 partners for democracy award

The Partners for Democracy Award is bestowed upon distinguished individuals and organizations who have meaningfully supported the ongoing friendship between the United States and Israel. The Award honors successful efforts to cultivate and strengthen the relationships, bonds and mutual respect that are shared by the people of both countries.


Lisa Silverstein, Vice Chairman and Tal Kerret, President


Danna Azrieli, Chairwoman

Silverstein Properties and the Azrieli Group are two of the leading real estate and property management companies in the United States and in Israel. Real estate is oftentimes identified as the strongest nexus to a country. Yet, Silverstein Properties being headquartered in North America and developing and managing properties in Israel, and Azrieli Group being headquartered in Israel with strong connections to the North America market, both demonstrate firsthand that even the real estate gap between Israel and the United States can be bridged from both directions. The two companies are dedicated to the promotion of cooperation and joint activities within the real estate community and the economies of both countries.

The Kenneth J. Bialkin Leadership Award

This Award recognizes people and institutions at the forefront of business and politics whose leadership and pioneering spirit have helped promote commercial activity between the United States and Israel.


Dr. Albert Bourla, CEO


Kare Schultz, CEO

Pfizer and Teva are each well deserving recipients of this prestigious award. The resources that these companies have invested, and their dedication to the promotion of healthcare throughout the world, are unparalleled. Specifically, each company’s investment and positioning of Israel at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19, and the independent research yet cooperative spirit and cooperation between these two companies, showcase how major institutions from the United States and Israel can work together for the benefit of the people of the two countries as well as worldwide.

The Herbert Tenzer Lifetime Achievement Award

The Herbert Tenzer Lifetime Achievement Award was established in 2005 to recognize individuals who best exemplify the principles and values Herbert Tenzer believed in, and who, through their contribution to the America-Israel Friendship League, have promoted the shared values of both democracies.


Author, Producer, Actress

Noa Tishby is Israel’s first Special Envoy for Combatting Antisemitism and Delegitimization. Noa is a frequent keynote speaker and panelist, including at the United Nations General Assembly, and has been named one of the 50 Most Powerful Jews in the World. In 2021, Noa published her acclaimed first book, Israel: a Simple Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on Earth.

AIFL by the numbers


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board members, left to right: Left to Right: Jonathan Barsade, Amb. Dan Gillerman, Eric J. Gertler, Josh S. Weston

AIFL board members

Honorary President
Mortimer B. Zuckerman

Chairman/Chair, Executive Committee
Eric J. Gertler

Chairman, Israel Board
Amb. Dan Gillerman

Jonathan Barsade


Lisa Anastos
George Arzt
Ronald S. Baron
Elsa Ben Shimon
Lisa Bialkin
Len Blavatnik
Catherine Carlton
J. Morton Davis

Dr. Jacob A. Frenkel
Bruce Arbit
James S. Gertler
Amb. Dan Gillerman
Gary Gladstein
Malcolm Hoenlein
Gol Kalev
Andrew Kerai

Amb. Ronald S. Lauder
Zohar Loshitzer
Alan Meltzer
Dr. David Milch
Rabbi Joseph Potasnik
Daniella Rilov
Richard Brody
Robert Rothenberg

David Sable
Rabbi Arthur Schneier
Dr. Allen Sessoms
Ralph Wanger
Josh S. Weston
Judy Yudof
Paul Romness

AIFL ISRAEL board members

Chairman of the Board
Amb. Dan Gillerman

Deputy Chairman
Maj. Gen (Ret.) Dani Rothschild

Executive Director
Ruby Shamir


Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Orit Adato
Adi Amorai
Ambassador Uri Bar-Ner
Nava Barak
Jonathan Barsade
Mehereta Baruch Ron
Adv. Hanina Brandes
Dita Bronitsky
Hayim Cohen

Ruth Cheshin
Ofer Chodorov
Yossi Ciechanover
Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Amira Dotan
Itzhak Forer
Moshe Gaon
Dr. David Harman
Amir Hassoun
Avi Hochman

Noga Kainan
Tali Koren
Elchanan (Nani) Maoz
Gabriel Menaged
Prof. Mordechai Mironi
Dr. Israel Peleg
Noga Perry

Shai Preminger
David Rubin
Noam Semel
Yigal Shefer
Shmuel Sisso
Adv. Navot Tel-Zur
Dr. Yossi Vardi
Peretz Winkler


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