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Thank you! Excellent presentation that I will share with my budding artist granddaughters.

Karen J. Orlin
responding to ‘The Motivation Behind the Creativity of Artists’

Outstanding! She is a great presenter, the material was so unusual and thought provoking–I was in awe for the whole time –one of the best programs I have ever seen and I watch something every day from libraries all over the country as I am a retired teacher  now sometimes housebound. Zoom has been great and this one is top of the list!  Thank you Gabriela!!

Marlene Arbetter Mitchel,Wilmette IL.
responding to ‘Self-Discovery: A Journey in Contemporary Art’

Truly appreciate this INITIAL overview and different sites of Haifa. Hope to hear Shahar continue his talk with much more touring of Haifa. Saw things I never experienced in the several visits I made to Haifa. Thank you so much for this wonderful presentation!

Zena Greenspan
responding to “Haifa: Little Secrets and Large Innovations”

This orgainzation is phenomenal. I don’t recall how I found it, but I’m so, so glad I did.

Daphne Steinberg
Live from Bat Yam: The Harvard Krokodiloes

Excellent presentation. My first webinar AND introduction to Appreciate today’s webinar and what Prof. Nahmias is doing for the world!

Zena Greenspan
responding to “The Future Of Food Is Cellular”

This program can be a light to communities around the world!

Deborah Price
responding to ‘Curtain Call – Artistic Empowerment of Communities’

Thanks AIFL for presenting this webinar

Robert Sidi
responding to ‘An IDF Briefing – Multi-Arena General Strategic Assessment’

This program is so important to honor the experiences and lives of this beautiful community. My father Isaac Senor was the only member of his large family to survive. His brother Saul was a true hero saving many.

Lynne Farbman
responding to ‘AIFL – Reflections On The Heroes of Salonika’

We are already SolarEdge stockholders, and are always seeking more information about the companies we invest in. I thoroughly enjoyed today’s presentation and think that our other members who have not seen the program yet, will also enjoy it.

Phil Rothenberg
responding to ‘Israel’s SolarEdge & Smart Energy’

Beautiful presentation of unity. Bless you all for your dedicated work.

Arlene Morse
responding to ‘MLK’s Legacy & Black-Jewish Relations’

Thank you very much for this entertaining and uplifting program! Music is the international language❤️

Paul Alonso
responding to ‘Classical Musical Education in a Multicultural Society’
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