Rebuilding Communities: Models of Faith and Hope Replay

In the true spirit of Sukkot, please join us for this replay webinar discussing how our collective experience, regardless of where we live, has taught us that time is fleeting, life is a gift, and we have a lot to be grateful for here in the United States and around the world. Many of us have been worried about the challenges facing our families and wider communities and have turned to faith leaders for guidance and a ray of hope.

Our panel of faith leaders from Miami consists of a rabbi, a pastor, a reverend, and an Islamic leader who have all had to think outside of their traditional ideological boxes and expand their ministries to address an ever-evolving list of social welfare needs of their congregants and broader community during the pandemic and now. Some have partnered with other faith leaders to bridge the gap of their local communities, creating social program models that have been successful in both addressing their constituents’ needs and providing hope.

Together we will hear from these faith leaders and learn:
What it means to be selfless in service of our fellow man.
Which models have proven to be most efficient and effective in helping them address the growing needs of congregants?
What challenges and triumphs have they faced and had during their expanded community outreach efforts?

Streamed live, the program will feature:
Father Denrick E. Rolle
Mr. Abdool Ghanie

Greetings by:
Consul General
Maor Elbaz-Starinsky
Consul General of Israel in Miami
Rabbi Mario Rojzman
Paul Volan

Naomi Reinharz
Chief Development Officer
America-Israel Friendship League