Wonder Women in Wine: Uncorking Success – From Varietals to Vintage

Great grapes make great wine, thus great wines start in the vineyard. Yet, where and how do great wine makers start?

Join us as two successful female wine makers share their unique and inspiring stories about their passion for creating great artisan wine. Neither started out in the industry– one with farming in her blood became a successful lawyer first and the other with a design background developed a passion later for the creative process of vinification and the industry.

Theodora Lee– Owner of Theopolis Vineyards and Carmel Greenberg–Wine maker Clos du Val have both successfully created respected reputations in the industry. In an industry that is still male dominated and extremely competitive, these women have earned every success through hard work, dedication and tenacity.

They will both share:
Their personal stories of what inspired them to enter the industry
The challenges they faced and the accolades and awards they have received
Their thoughts on creating a more diverse, inclusive, and successful wine industry