Bon Appetit: A Taste Of French Cuisine

A Frenchman and an Israeli walk into a bar—this sounds like the start of a culinary joke but truthfully, they are both notable chefs and one owns a Michelin and Zagat rated restaurant, Excuse My French and Arba, in New York.

Chef Johann Giraud and Chef Nir Zook are two master chefs with extensive culinary experience brought together for this program by their passion for good food and love of French cuisine. Their unique approaches and flair for creativity allows each to leave their mark through the ambience and great food they create for their clients.

What inspired their love for the culinary arts? This gift for creating a gourmet paradise from simple dishes created from fresh ingredients with herbs and sauces that create a rich smooth flavor for the epicurean appetite.

These chefs will take us on a gastronomic adventure sharing:
Their personal stories on what inspired their love for the culinary arts
A sample of the recipes unique to their restaurants and the quality of the meals they prepare for clients every day
The difference between authentic French cuisine and French inspired cuisine
Their future goals having made it to the top of their field

Streamed live, the program will feature:
Johann Giraud
Founder / Chef
“Excuse my French”

Chef Nir Zook

Wayne Firestone
Executive Director
America-Israel Friendship League