Chillin & Grillin for Fathers Day

Tel Aviv and Miami have a few things in common: great architecture, boho markets, beautiful people, year-round sunshine, great bars, beaches, and then there’s barbecue. Yes, both cities are home to two avid grill dads and pitmasters. The first is a pioneer of the Israeli barbecue scene, a restauranteur and influencer. The second, a barbecue connoisseur, circuit competitor and entrepreneur who developed a device that allows you to stack and smoke your meat in the comfort of your home.

These two pitmasters are so passionate about barbecue it has become a family business. From creating innovative grilling and smoking devices to pickling condiments to complement their meats, these culinary masters work with both parents and kids in the kitchen.

During our webinar we will hear:
How these two grilling dads met;
How each of them devised the innovative ideas for their unique grilling tools;
What it means to each of them, as fathers, to work alongside their parents and kids;
Some of their favorite meals and memories they have shared with family.

Naomi Reinharz

Chef Ziv Ruder
Chef Noam Weiss