The Goldsmith of Artisan Chocolatiers

Nothing says decadence like chocolate!

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate Mother’s Day here in the United States and take a sweet outlook on life. Our program introduces us to Elie Tarrab, a self-taught artisan chocolatier in Tel Aviv.

Elie is a lover of all things chocolate. His passion for chocolate dates to his childhood in Haifa, Israel, where he tasted his first, unforgettable chocolate delicacies. He truly discovered his sweet tooth while working at Ben and Jerry’s. In 2006, Elie opened a chocolate boutique in Tel Aviv called Cardinal, where he makes pralines, bonbons, desserts, chocolate bars, and other treats.

During our conversation with Elie we will learn:
What inspired his love of chocolate and passion to start his own business
How he translates his training as a goldsmith to his chocolate creations
About the growing tradition of exchanging a gift of sweets in Israel
What challenges COVID-19 posed as he opened his new store