Virtual Tour Beit Alpha & Bet She’an

This month’s virtual tour takes us north to one of the oldest cities in Israel, Beit She’an which boasts twenty-five layers of civilization and was until recently the largest archeological site in Israel.

Our tour also takes us to the northern slopes of the Gilboa Mountains to the sixth-century CE Talmudic synagogue of Beit Alpha and its famous zodiac mosaic. We will also learn about the Makuya, a group of Japanese Christian Zionists while visiting the sculpture garden they created.

During this tour we will learn about:

The significant role Beit She’an played because of its location

The 749BC earthquake that destroyed Beit She’an

How the Beit Alpha synagogue was uncovered in 1928 by members of the nearby Kibbutz Hefzibah

The two dedicatory inscriptions in Aramaic and Greek at the entryways of the synagogue

Who were the Makuya?

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