Virtual Tour: Jordan River Streams and the Ancient Cities of Dan & Panias (Banias): Part 1

Join us for another exciting virtual tour with our master guide Shahar Fertig. Shahar will take us to the infamous Jordan River with its storied and biblical past, for the first of a two-part series. Coursing through the Hula Valley and fed by streams, including the Dan, Panias (Banias) and Hasbani streams it is approximately 223 miles in length and has the lowest elevation of any river in the world.

During our tour, Shahar will take us through the annals of time to hear more about the Jordan River’s historical importance as a water source, as well as its religious significance. We will also learn, among other things:

• About the twelve tribes of Israel;
• What is the Finger Of The Galilee?
• Where is the Hula Valley?
• Why the cleanest and freshest water comes from the Dan Spring.

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