Virtual Tour @Caesarea The Story of Water

Caesarea: Rome’s capital in Israel. Josephus considered it the main source of the Jordan River, and the ancient Greeks claimed the water that fed the Jordan flowed from the nearby cave. The truth may lie somewhere in the middle. Our guide, Shahar, will take us on a journey to discover the truth behind Caesarea and its intriguing story of water.

Once inhabited by the Greeks and the Romans, this ancient desert city with its aquifers, aqueducts, wells and grottos was a constant source of fresh clean water, both for drinking for ordinary citizens and the bath houses of their conquerors.

During our virtual tour with Shahar we will learn:

More about this medieval port city

How the Romans perfected the art of building aqueducts despite sparse natural springs

About the ancient water system that still connects the modern cities of Zichron Yaakov and Caesarea

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