Art and the WOW Effect!

We live in an age in which our thrill threshold is rising constantly. The endless search for extreme experiences also affects the art world, as immersive and interactive art events- in which the viewer takes an active part – are drawing more and more attention.

Debby Luzia, an expert on the world of art is an ex-gallerist and author of the book (in Hebrew) titled Why the Mona Lisa Lost her Smile, which analyzes the art world in the digital era, published in 2015. Debby was born into the art world, her father being the founder of Israel’s renowned Stern Gallery. She will take us on a journey through the WOW phenomenon, looking at the artists at the epicenter of the movement.

In her presentation she will highlight the works of:
Yayoi Kusama
Teamlab Collective and many others
Expect a WOW experience!

Streamed live, the program will feature:
Debby Luzia
World Art Expert

Wayne Firestone

With Greetings By:
Ruby Shamir

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