Artistic Interplays: Painting, Sculpture & New Techniques

Join Israeli artist and lecturer Gabriela Vainsencher for a gallery tour featuring three artists who enjoy using mixed media and the interplay of new techniques and new technology as a method of directly engaging their audiences. Featured at some of the most beautiful and fascinating shows on view in Los Angeles and New York City, Nicole Eisenmann, Adam Parker Smith, and Barbara Kruger’s creations explore complex feelings and the cultural prominence of their iconic pieces.

Our tour will focus on the interplay of sculptures and paintings showcased at recent gallery exhibitions, and work represented at international museum collections. The artists’ work includes great mastery of each of their respective crafts, as well as creative processes that are revolutionary.

During our discussion we will gain a greater understanding of:
• The trends and new techniques in art;
• How new technology can change the way we experience visual art;
• Why contemporary art is so welcoming to these emerging trends;
• How these three artists continue to be expansive with this new direction in the world of art.

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