Blurred Lines – Art & Craft or Craft in Art?

Join Israeli artist and lecturer Gabriela Vainsencher for a gallery tour of some of the most beautiful and fascinating shows on view in the New York City art world.  We will look at sculpture, video, and even contemporary mosaic, as Gabriela introduces us to the artists behind the works.

This tour focuses on the recent exhibitions by Rose Nestler, Cameron Welch, and Kathy Butterly. These three artists work at the nexus of art and craft, a direction that has gained huge momentum in the art world in recent years. Their work includes great mastery of each of their respective crafts, while pushing it in new directions.

During our discussion we will learn about:
What is art and craft in art;
How contemporary art has blurred the boundaries between art and craft and;
Three artists at the epicenter of this new direction in the world of art.

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From the performing arts to the visual arts, enjoy a gallery tour, modern dance, film, theatre and more!