Curtain Call – Artistic Empowerment of Communities

Join us for a program about an organization gaining acclaim in Israel and abroad for its innovative artistic programs. Curtain Call works to bridge the gaps between, and foster dialogue among, the many diverse religious, minority and fringe communities across Israel.

Its mission is to use community theater as a tool to bring together and showcase people with disabilities, at risk youth, and minority groups – Arabs and Ethiopians, as well as Ultra-Orthodox women – bringing them to the forefront and integrating them into Israeli society.

During our program, we will hear from Curtain Call’s Founder and CEO, Ifat Bahar:

What inspired her to start this organization just a decade ago?

How does Curtain Call foster outreach and dialogue in its target communities?

How has the company adapted to meet the needs of its members during the pandemic?

How does Curtain Call measure its impact on the communities with whom it works?

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