Stitching a New Identity: Fashion in Israel’s Nation-building

You are cordially invited to join us for a riveting presentation and discussion with noted fashion historian and curator Keren Ben-Horin, Stitching A New Identity which investigates the relationship between fashion, national identity, and diplomacy. The discussion features the State of Israel from its inception in 1948 through the present day as a case study.

Clothing is an enhancement of individuality; and a way to distinguish oneself in a crowd. The way we dress not only communicates our social identity to the world, but it can also indicates our national and regional identities.

Keren will share vibrant illustrations, photographs, videoclips, and never-before-seen archival materials. Together we will explore key moments about the designers, and political figures who shaped Israel’s foreign relations and — even more importantly — defined what it means to be Israeli.

From biblical fantasies to innovative technologies, we will experience how a young nation forged its identity stitch by stitch and learn:

How clothing affects the perception of identity.

What is meant by fashion diplomacy and political messaging in fashion.

How fashion becomes inextricably implicated in constructions and reconstructions of national and cultural identity.

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