Classical Musical Education in a Multicultural Society

You are invited to hear the inspiring works and stories from the next generation of Israeli musicians and music lovers. Located in southern Ramat HaSharon, along the northern border of Tel Aviv-Yafo is HaKfar Hayarok ‘The Green Village.’ A quarter of the students at Kfar Hayarok are boarding school students. Others commute from communities across central Israel, attracted by the special study courses offered including an educational track taught in English, veterinary studies and a first-class arts program.

With more than 2,500 students, from ages 12 to 18, there are obvious pedagogical challenges meeting the needs of such a diverse student body. Our focus during this webinar will be on the arts and the challenges and triumphs of the musical department’s various branches but specifically in training and providing students with a classical musical education. We will hear from the school’s gifted Head of the Department of Classical Music, Ayelet Lifshitz, who will share with us highlights of the school’s illustrious music departments including musical selections of orchestra, chamber, choir and original composition. She will also share and explore what motivates her as an educator in the artistic field, the challenges of fostering education in the arts while competing with interests like STEM and the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment felt by faculty and students from the beauty they create on stage and ‘behind the scenes’.

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