Rollo Art Exchange: Art Inspired by Art

Artists are often asked the universal question … what inspired your creation?

COVID-19 quarantining, and lockdowns denied artists the very interaction they need for inspiration and creativity.  By providing creativity links between and amongst artists, the Rollo Project enables participating artists to inspire one another, forming a creativity growth art-chain.

In collaboration with our friends at the Consulate General Of Israel in New England, we will hear from the American and Israeli curators and artists who participated in this year’s creative chains, Longing and Belonging.

They will share with us:

Why the founders of Rollo were so intentional about embracing diverse artists and artistic expression

How it felt to be part of this game of anonymous artistic inspiration and expression

What it felt like to inspire a fellow artist, not knowing what their creative process was.

What is the difference between Rollo and other art projects they have participated in before

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From the performing arts to the visual arts, enjoy a gallery tour, modern dance, film, theatre and more!