A Fireside Chat with Dr. Yossi Vardi & David Perlmutter

Join AIFL-Israel board member Dr. Yossi Vardi, as he hosts an intimate discussion with Israeli technology and social entrepreneur and investor David (Dadi) Perlmutter. Perlmutter an investor/director in various startups in Israel is the former Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer of Intel responsible for developing several of Intel’s major products and technology breakthroughs.

David produced the idea of a NetBook, a mobile, lightweight laptop. He imagined they would be useful for schools and emerging markets. His life story reflects the story of a successful tech entrepreneur positively supporting society through education and championing the disenfranchised through his philanthropic work and social activities to reduce social inequality by creating social, and economic opportunities for the younger generation.

Winner of the 1987 Israel Prize for innovation in industrial development—Dadi is invested in preparing the next generation for the digital revolution.
During the conversation we will learn how an Israeli boy became one of the top executives in the world’s largest chip company:

Why as part of the foundation of the startup nation from its early days, he believes Israel still a big tech hub?
What influenced his decision to become more philanthropic and involved in social entrepreneurship?
How he made the shift from overseeing an operation of 35,000 people, to focus on education and influencing kids?
What he believes is the future of the semiconductor industry?

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