The Israeli Century: A Book Talk & Discussion

Modern Israel has become the epicenter of global Jewish life, with tens of thousands immigrating or making ‘Aliyah’ from all corners of the globe to the Jewish homeland each year. Through his book “The Israeli Century”, Member of Knesset and Professor Yossi Shain takes us on a historical journey from the First Temple to modern Israel. The book emphasizes how sovereignty of a people can lay a solid foundation for the future of a thriving, independent nation.

Shain speaks of the Israeli Jew feeling a deep responsibility for tradition and a natural connection to a homeland. He argues, the burden of preserving the continuity of the Jewish people and defining its character is no longer the responsibility of American Jewry and diaspora communities.

During our discussion we will explore the challenges to Israeli sovereignty, Jewish morality and the challenges of Orthodoxy at this moment, both the dangers and opportunities that confront the Jewish future

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