Inside the Women’s War Room​

The women of Israel are mobilizing with an incredible grassroots effort to provide emergency assistance.​​

Join us as we learn more about Bonot Alternativa, an Israeli organization that was founded to protect women’s rights and has grown to organize protests of over 100,000 women across 80 cities in Israel.​

Volunteers are being organized to provide clothing, food and shelter for displaced families. Trauma therapy is offered for the youth of Israel and the ever-innovative Israelis are building apps to keep people connected to essential services.​​

We will hear from Moran Katzenstein, founder of Bonot Alternativa, and Lee Hoffman Agiv, Field Operations Manager, to learn more about how they have pivoted since the war in a manner that is consistent with their original fight for women’s rights. In addition, they will share their recent encounters with the United Nations and new obstacles to overcome the burdens war placed on women locally, nationally and globally

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