Golda: An American & Israeli Legacy

Join us for a look at the lesser-known story of Golda Meir’s American sojourn from Milwaukee to Denver. Golda’s time in the United States had an immeasurable impact on her life choices and future in Israeli politics.

We will hear from family friend, author, and her former spokesperson Meron Medzini, whose biography of Meir weaves a gripping tale of triumph and adversity. We will also hear from a board member and the Executive Director of the Golda Meir House Museum. We will learn about the rededication and history of this museum, whose aspirations include showcasing this iconic leader’s home, and its’ story in Denver in a world class museum worthy of her legacy.

During our conversation with our panel, we will learn more about:
The influence of Golda’s American experience on her future roles in the union movement and politics in Israel;

The process of archival restoration for creating a modern Golda exhibit;
The role of Congresswoman Pat Schroeder and her role in the fight to save Golda’s House; and The historical significance of sharing Golda’s legacy with future generations.

Streamed live, the program will feature:
Meron Medzini

Author and Historian
Roz Duman
Founder/Executive Director
Coalition Against Global Genocide

Lena Fishman
Executive Director
Golda Meir House Museum

Wayne Firestone
Webinar Host
America-Israel Friendship League

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