Pavilions of Promise at World Expos – A Retrospective Of Israel’s Participation

Join us a for a riveting discussion and a historic look at the Israeli story through the nation’s participation in International Expos. This evolutionary journey takes us from pre-statehood Palestine to modern Israel.

A celebratory visit to the unique and symbolic Israeli pavilion at the Dubai 2020 Expo, shows a structure with no walls or boundaries looking to the horizon of the future, symbolizing a future wrapped in hope for cooperation with all its neighbors. The Israeli Pavilion at Expo 2020, like the tent of Abraham, is open on all sides and welcomes everyone. It greets those who want to learn about Israel, its heritage, culture and diversity of population; and those looking for the opportunity to collaborate in a variety or professional arenas.

Our panel, comprised of an archivist/historian, the Director of the Israel Pavilion at Dubai 2020, and the Commissioner General, Israel Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai will share the historical Context of the Pavilions of Promise, their experience on the road to Expo 2020 Dubai pre and post Abraham Accords and the significance of Dubai 2020 Expo moving forward.

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