Israel’s Legacy: Empowerment Through Change

Join us for the first installment of our collaborative series with Israel Legacy Central as we introduce you to Israel’s vibrant nonprofit organizations. Through our series, we’ll explore the untold stories and profound impact that Israel’s nonprofit sector has on Israel’s economy and diverse communities.

During this initial broadcast, we’ll get to know Olim Beyahad, whose mission is to end the destructive impact of racial bias against the Ethiopian community, and Hillel – The Right to Choose – which supports the increasing numbers of young adults leaving ultra-Orthodox communities across Israel. Both NGOs have the singular goal of empowering and supporting their constituents as they integrate into and contribute to Israeli society.

Our panel will share the similarities, differences and uniqueness of the challenges faced by the communities they serve. We will also hear directly from their respective program alumni who are paying forward their accomplishments to others seeking similar change and growth. During the conversation we will learn:

Why the Ethiopian and ultra-Orthodox communities face disproportionately greater challenges when compared to other segments of Israeli society;
What approach is taken to address and shift preconceived notions and prejudices about the Ethiopian and ultra-Orthodox communities;
What personal challenges program participants face during and after their journey from transition to integration; and
What are the long-term goals when addressing the issues of inclusivity and tolerance.

Streamed live, the program will feature:
Shimmy Lev
Attorney at Law & Mediator
Volunteer, Hillel – The Right to Choose

Avi Neuman
Chief Development Officer
Hillel – The Right to Choose

Hagit Yaari
VP of Resource Development
Olim Beyahad

Yeshareg Esayas
Manager, Graduate Network
Olim Beyahad

Greetings by:
Mordecai Karsch
Israel Legacy Central

Carol Karsch
Giving Expert & Founder
Israel Legacy Central

Wayne L. Firestone
Webinar Host
America-Israel Friendship League

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